Our History

Our Security Company is led by Nathan Brooks who served nine years in the Army prior to becoming a police officer in 2013.  Nathan, who goes by Chris, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Kaplan University with a Master’s in Criminal Justice.  A year after becoming a police officer, Nathan started performing private security for a security agency that provided security guard services for various companies such as the State Fair, wedding venues, retail stores, and utility companies in need of armed security around Indianapolis.

In June of 2020, Nathan took his knowledge in the criminal justice field as well the private security sector and decided to open his own Security Company. Hence the name Brooks Security was born providing private security as an elite security agency.

To elevate his security guard services, Nathan created his own core value system based on of his military experience to honor the men who didn’t make it home from his unit. Honor, Integrity, Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Discipline, and Respect. These values encompass the core of Brooks Security and will serve as the forefront of what Brooks Security stands for in armed security. The logo for Brooks Security was specifically designed to encompass all of these core values being that a person would be required to possess these values to be a knight dating back to the 12th century.

Brooks Security is an Elite Veteran Owned Security Company that provides the highest and most professional private security. We are a Security Agency that uphold the utmost integrity with officers holding the highest accountability for security guard services.  Brooks Security can provide armed, unarmed, or off duty police officers to work at any event or business.

Our goal is to be the most trusted and dependable private security company. At Brooks Security, we promise to provide you with the most affordable and value as your premier Indianapolis Security Company.

In 2023, Nathan took his experience in law enforcement and decided that he would obtain his private investigator license so that he could incorporate those services with Brooks Security.  Brooks Security now holds a license in security, and private investigations and can conduct a wide range of services for their clients.  Regardless of if a client needs background checks, process serving, surveillance, or other investigation resources, Brooks Security has the tools and employees to perform these services.

Our Officers

With Brooks Security, you can rest assured knowing that we provide the most accountable and dependable officers in private security for the event requested. Whether you are looking for security officers for an event, or you are needing full-time security for a factory or warehouse, Brooks Security ensures that the officers who work those details are meticulously selected and go through vigorous background checks.  Each officer who works for Brooks Security must fit the core values of the company that Brooks Security was founded on.  Brooks Security prides themselves on the very low turnover rate of officers, which Chris believes is attributed to the leadership of how he runs the business as well as the management that he has who helps manage the security officers for each site.

Our Values