We know there are a lot of special event security companies…

Whether you need concert security, wedding security, birthday party security, or any other event, Brooks Security has got you covered for your next need in event security.

As an experienced Event Security Company, we offer both armed and unarmed security for any type of event that you may need to have officers at. Using Brooks Security for your event security services will ensure that you are keeping yourself and everyone around you safe. We want to make sure that any type of crime is prevented, and the people are served with protection. Our Event Security Guards will take care of all your security needs.

Risk Assessment

The key to ensuring that any event or organization is prepared and protected. Our officers will take the time to analyze any security risks that could potentially put you and others around you in danger.

Security Strategies

We outline the tactics and procedures that we have in place to ensure that we will provide the best possible protection if a dangerous situation arises.

Threat & Vulnerability

We will assess the possible threats that you may need to defend yourself or your organization against and weaknesses that could undermine our security efforts for the situation.

At Brooks Security, your safety is our top priority for your event security. Hiring our security team will decrease the likelihood of criminal activities occurring. A study published in the Public Library of Science found that more time spent on the scene reduced victim-reported crimes by 16% and increased guard-reported incidents by 49%. Brooks Security wants to make sure that you’re always safe and comfortable in your environment. Having one of our security officers at your event or business will guarantee that you have the protection and peace of mind you need.


These officers come in full uniform and ready to service your private security needs.  All officers have a variety of experience that benefits Brooks Security, and each client we serve.  Whenever an event comes, Nathan ensures that each officer selected for the event is the right person for that specific assignment. When choosing Brooks Security, you’re choosing to invest in private security officers who are dependable and trustworthy. We provide only the best officers to keep you safe.

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