For Corporate Security, we understand that you want to protect your business, your merchandise, and your employees. What is Corporate Security? Did you know that there are 27 million active shoplifters in the United States and only 1 in 48 are caught? With on-site security guards, we can make sure that any criminal activity, such as shoplifting, decreases dramatically.

Our security officers don’t just protect merchandise for the corporate world.  We also protect the employees and patrons who visit those companies.  With violence on the rise all over the nation, have a trained security professional is a must have!

Brooks Security can provide you with the best Corporate Security to protect all of your assets affordably. We offer security for small, local businesses or larger corporations. These guards come armed, or unarmed, or off duty as a police officer.  Whatever the need is, Brooks Security will always be there to answer the call!!!

You might ask what makes Brooks Security stand out above the competition.  You can be rest assured that Brooks Security won’t price gauge you, and can match or beat any local competitor when it comes to pricing.  Not only do you get top of the line security, but you also get it for the best price.  With a 5,000,000.00 dollar insurance policy, including an auto policy and workman’s comp policy, Brooks Security comes highly insured and highly trained.

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